Saturday, January 3, 2009

Getting a Jump Start

I have started on my New Year's Resolution To-Do List. I figured with 56 items... that's about an item a week, right? Well, some of them are pretty easy so I've (almost) knocked out a couple already!

We have replaced some of the electrical outlets in the house. They were old and a few must have gotten bent because nothing would plug into them! (Not even non-polarized plugs.) To make matters worse, they had been painted over by the previous homeowner.



Hah! Difficult to tell, huh? lol But I swear, it's these little details that really makes a difference in the house.

Apparently the hallway used to be painted a lime green:

I also started painting the hallway. I originally painted it about a year ago with flat paint. (Ralph Lauren's Canvas, I believe.) I thought, two adults? It can't get that dirty. Wrong! There are grimy hand prints everywhere. I had some leftover Kilim Beige by Sherwin Williams that I had used in the master bedroom. (I am repainting again because it doesn't look good in the bedroom.) I ran out before I finished my first coat. Oops! I made a quick run to WalMart to have them color-match it. No biggie since the second coat will be from the same can.



Well, that's coming tomorrow. It still needs a second coat but it is looking so much better. I never realized how much the sheen matters in such a small space. The first night I couldn't figure out what the glow coming from the hallway was. It was a nightlight in the dining room reflecting off the wall! Crazy. I will finish up tomorrow morning and post pics. Then I'll get starting on repainting the master bedroom!


Freckles Chick said...

Ooh, I love the wall color w/ the vintage wall art. Looks fantastic!

It's amazing how inexpensive outlet plates are and how much they can change a space. The previous owners also painted over our switchplates (which were a nasty yellow). *shudder* Idiots!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you that, although small and seemingly minor, these details really add to (or in some cases take away from) the overall picture. Don't you just have to wonder about people who don't take the one minute TOPS to remove the plate cover before painting. I mean, come on!

And all I can say about the hall green: Whoa!

The new and improved color looks fantastic, especially with the art. Great blog!