Thursday, January 1, 2009

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

Happy New Year to everyone! I'm not a big one for resolutions but I am a list-maker. So my resolution is to start tackling more projects around the house, big and small. Our budget is tighter than usual because Matt's hours have been cut at work. (A reflection of the current economy.) Therefore, my projects will be the most visual bang for the buck. The list may be long but I can't wait to start crossing things off!

Living Room/Dining Room
1. Replace all outdated electric outlets
2. Hide the cords in the entertainment center
3. Paint the baseboard
4. Replace damaged floor boards
5. Attach quarter round
6. Replacement blinds for backdoor
7. Decorate entertainment center
8. Rug to help anchor the space
9. Organize entryway closets (one for hanging items, one with shelves and baskets)
10. Paint interior of entryway closets
11. Finish painting exterior of built-in
12. Prime and paint interior of built-in (and start using it to store things!)
* Wish list: flat panel TV, new couch and chair, more grown-up coffee table

1. Replace GFI outlets with matching ones that I bought a year ago
2. Replace damaged floor boards
3. Attach baseboards and quarter round
4. Replace ugly fluorescent light above sink to something more modern
5. Hook up the garbage disposal that was installed nearly 18 months ago
6. Start planning for new Ikea kitchen cabinets and countertops in 2010

Laundry Room/Mud Room
1. Prepare walls for painting (sanding area where cabinets were removed)
2. Paint ceiling
3. Paint walls (same color as living room)
4. Install tile
5. Organize space for shoes, coats, hats, etc.

1. Replace outdated eletrical outlets
2. Repaint with satin finish
3. Paint baseboards
4. Hang pictures

Master Bedroom
1. Replace all outdated electric outlets
2. Repaint
3. Purchase comforter and duvet cover for new bed
4. Install closet organizer (already purchased)
5. Purchase matching lamps for nightstands
6. Paint doors and baseboards

2nd Bedroom
1. Replace all outdated electric outlets and light switch
2. Install new carpet
3. Remove 50% of items and give to Goodwill
4. Install shelves (already purchased)
5. Paint doors and baseboards
6. Prime and paint interior of closet
7. Find a better way to hide litter box
* Wish list: Bed for guests (Hmm, guess I'd have to move the litter box then!)

3rd Bedroom (a.k.a. Man Room)
1. Decor for walls
2. Paint baseboards and doors
3. Give 75% of stored items in closet to Goodwill
4. Paint interior of closet

1. Finish flooring in linen closet
2. Paint walls
3. Recaulk tub

1. Plant grass in bare spots
2. Add additional ornamental grass to front yard
3. Plant ground cover on side of house
4. Finish weeding and mulching retaining wall
5. Clear overgrown weeds from back fence
6. Dispose of the ginormous tub of river rock
7. Paint exterior of workshop
8. Scrape and paint all trim
9. Replace both water spickets

Whooo! That seems like an awful lot! But spread across 52 weeks, I don't think it will be so bad! We'll see! It will give me lots of blog posts I think. lol


John@ThisYoungHouse said...

Holy moly, Megs! That's quite a list. You're a braver person than I for putting all of that in writing. Sherry and I usually do 10 resolutions per year and I always thought that was ambitious.

Good luck with it all and can't wait to hear about your progress on everything!

10yearstogether said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I'm going to make this list in my bio!