Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Final Reveal

I know I promised this months ago! But what can I say? Life happens. :)

Here is what I was blessed with when we bought the house:

First things first: new paint, carpet, and light fixture.

Life was hunky-dory. Until we got a great deal on a king mattress and a new bedroom set. The new bedroom set is a warm cherry color, which looked awful with the gray walls. I wasn't ready to give up the gray yet so I moved that color to the Man Room. Then I was off to find a new paint color that would complement the furniture and carpet. It turns out that those two items are mutually exclusive.

Eventually I decided on Sherwin William's Kilim beige. After a couple months, I HATED it. Well, hated it with the carpet. Other than that, it's a good color so I moved it to the hallway.

And the new color I chose? Ralph Lauren's Natural Gray. The same color that is in my living room.

A quick reminder of the before:

And now the After... Tada!

(Inspiration for earring organization from Making it Lovely.)

I was ready to give up the plum accents, thinking it wouldn't work with the wall color or furniture. (It didn't look so hot with the beige wall color.) But it turns out I was wrong! Yea!

Project Cost Breakdown:
Paint: $26
Carpet: $216
Installation: $75 (family friend)
Ceiling light: $40
Light switches and electrical outlets: $15
Duvet: $80
Sheet set: $60 (originally $180)
Quilt: $35 (originally $70)
Curtains and rods: $72
Wall decor: $70
Knickknacks: $20 (All bought on clearance.)
Total cost: $709

I know I didn't include the cost of the new mattress and furniture but I strongly believe you can make over a room without purchasing new everything.

Still left to do: buy lamps for the nightstands, actual artwork for above the bed, a classier alarm clock, replace the recycled curtains, and a couple more decor items. Maybe some more exciting sheets. But for the most part, it is done! Done! What do you think?


The Tiny Homestead said...

what a "ta-da" that is! your bedroom looks so restful to retreat to. wonderful result after all your deliberation.

Kim said...

I love it!

Great job. And, I'm totally loving how organized your jewelry is looking. I'm inspired.

Danielle said...

Looks great!!! I love your earrings hanging on the mug - so cute!

Freckles Chick said...

Wow wow wow! You outdid yourself, Megs!

I love the new rich wall color. It's like velevet! Love the plum accents and the airy white drapes. The apothecary look of the dresser is to die for! And I adore the mirrors above the bed.

My favorite detail is your jewelry vignette w/ the pops of white--the teacup is genius!

Megs said...

Thanks, everyone! I do have to say that I love the teacup but it was not my idea. I spied it on here:

Now talk about a gorgeous closet...

Anonymous said...

I love it!! You did such a great job!! SUch an inspiration!

Roeshel said...

Your room is sooooo pretty! I love seeing before & after photos AND a happy ending! Great job!

thediyshowoff said...

Gorgeous makeover! I love the transformation! It's so warm and inviting! You should consider submitting it to be posted at The DIY Show Off! ;)

Rachel said...

LOVE this! My husband and I are closing on our first home tomorrow so I will be painting all weekend! what color are your walls? This is what I was going for...Thanks

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from Young House Love. You guys did an amazing job!

J - Pacha Mama said...

Wow. The transformation is HUGE. Good luck with future projects and for seeing the potential in your house.

heather s. said...

Looks amazing! I use the same small white bowl for my earrings. :)

Heather from

Danni said...

just wondering, the mirror on the wall looks like tiled-mirrors, is it?

If so it is adorable!

lonesomedove said...

I found your blog through YHL. I am IN LOVE with your new bedroom! As in, I may be copying it :)

sarashley said...

where is your bed frame from? I really like it!

Megs said...

I wanted to thank everyone for stopping by and for the kind words. :)

Yes, those are tiled mirrors. It was my cheap temporary fix (around $8 for 4 of them from Ikea) but I decided to keep them up. I must have hung them a little funny because it's my "skinny" mirror. I lose a good 10 pounds in it. (Maybe that's why they are staying!)

The furniture is from Value City Furniture. I'm in love with the simplicity of it.

sara said...

I would love to do something just like this with my jewelry. I can't find hooks like that anywhere though. Where did you find them?

Megs said...

Sorry for the late response, Sara. I picked up those hooks at Ikea. They are the smaller sized ones from the Blecka (sp)line. Very inexpensive.