Saturday, October 4, 2008

Move Over Mr. Gallon of Paint

You've been replaced... 'cause spray paint is my new best friend! For those of you on a tight budget (or just want to save some cash), welcome to the amazing wonders of spray paint.

First project: I bought some unfinished frames from Ikea. Super cheap but not the style I needed.

I painted them bright white and printed out some pictures from my trip to Poland. Love it! (Sorry some of the frames are empty. I have to reorder a few of the pics.)

Project cost breakdown:
Frames $23.90
Spray paint $3.98
Photos $11.63
Total: $39.51

On my way out to the garage to spray paint the frames, I spied the door bell cover I tossed aside 18 months ago when I painted the living room.

I never put it back on because it was such an ugly color and outdated. Besides, an uncovered door bell fixture looks so classy.

Do you know how difficult it is just to buy a replacement cover? Especially when you don't need an entirely new system?

Project cost breakdown:
Door bell cover: $0
Leftover spray paint: $0
Total: $My favorite kind of makeover!

Today's lesson: never shop for home decor and be disappointed when you find a great deal but it's the wrong color. Spray paint is cheap, easy, and quick. (I'll break the legs of anyone who says the same applies to me!) The variety is endless: flat finish, satin, gloss, semi-gloss. You also have surface specific paint: wood, plastic, metal, even appliances! So get going!


Bekah said...

love the frames! good idea!

Jersey Girl in DC said...

I love how these frames turned out! I've been wanting to figure out how to display some of our photos from our recent honeymoon to Sicily. Thanks for sharing this! Love your blog and home by the way...