Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Hopeless Garage Door

What do you do when the previous homeowner decides to put in this beauty of a garage door?

(from our initial walk through)

Yes, you are looking at that right. It is one of those yellow plastic rolling commercial garage doors. It was such an eyesore! To replace it would have set us back about $300. I have more important projects to spend that money on so what's a girl to do? Grab a can of paint, of course!

I thought painting it was out of the question because it was plastic and because it rolled. The light bulb came on once I realized the sections didn't actually bend. (Can you tell how often I actually go out to the workshop? lol)

I picked up a quart of enamel paint at Lowes. I took a deep breath and then just started painting. What I should have done was tested out a spot. What I should have done was tested its durability. Instead, I just went for it with this uneasy feeling that it might be peeling by next summer. No worries though! I scrubbed, scratched, and pressure washed after the first coat was up. It's not budging!

I hung the planters a little too low. (Tip, don't attach them without the planters nearby. For some reason I thought the chain was much shorter.) But overall, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Why have I been living with this ugly door for so long??

Some more before/afters:

I'm undecided about the side door color. I really think it would look better white but Matt pointed out how dirty it gets. Who knows how long it will stay this color. :)

Project Cost Breakdown:
Enamel paint: $10
Total: $10 Yep, that's it! Ugliness erased with only $10. If you count the paint for the entire workshop, it only set me back about $40. But that is a whole 'nother post where I cry about the scraping and sanding.


Hirondelle Rustique said...

That looks a million times better! Actually your whole workshop paint job is great! I like the color of the door and shutters, it's a really nice contrast.

Noelle said...

I say paint the side door a fun color, like an aqua, red, or cheery yellow. It's the side door to the garage so you can have some fun with it.

Dani said...

Just found your blog and I love it! My husband and I are just starting the renovation process for our 1950's ranch, and I love looking at what other people have done!

Anonymous said...

I love the transformation! I don't think the planters are too low at all. I think if you moved them up, the hanger would look like it was awkwardly high up.
And, I like the door color. The door and trim contrast mimics the windown trim and shutter. It's very nice.

Carrie said...

Hi & Wow what a major difference a can of paint makes. I just started reading your blog and I'm super inspired with all the changes you've made to your home. GL w/ all the new ones you have planned. Btw - I don't think the planters are too low - once you get some color in them they'll look grand.