Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Very Own Hell's Kitchen

I FINALLY have kitchen floors! Let's throw a party! Actually, we will be having one next month because I'm so happy that my house is finally presentable enough to have company over. Why wasn't it presentable before?

Original peel-and-stick tile (and PINK paint from the previous owner):

Looks decent in the photo but awful in person. Dirty was caked in the crevices and the tile was blech. To match the lovely border, I suppose.

The new floor:

(Wall color is Dutchboy's Roasted Tomato)

Then the ice maker leaked and wasn't discovered until two days later. I lived with the concrete floor for too long as we worked on other projects. And thank goodness we didn't replace right away because the water heater leaked a couple months later and would have ruined it again.

The kitchen was finished Thursday night. I walked into the kitchen about 8 times yesterday and giggled every time. lol It makes the room look so much more airy! It feels twice as large.

I still need to add baseboards but it looks pretty good so far doesn't it? :)

Project Cost Breakdown:
Paint and supplies: $40 (WalMart's Color Place and tinted gray primer)
Light fixture: $40
Light switches: $12
Floors: $76 (Ikea's Tundra laminate in maple)
Total cost: $168

The next step is to replace the kitchen cabinets. The existing ones aren't very functional and they are OLD. Original to the house so that makes them 60+ years old! I've been eyeing the Ikea ones in Adel White.

The only great thing about having such a small kitchen is that it's not that expensive to replace the cabinets!


Kim said...

Love the floors. They look fantastic.

And, I'm lovin' the Ikea cabinets, too.

The Tiny Homestead said...

I like the cabinets that you're eyeing. Very simple and classic. I have a small kitchen too and the lower cost of redoing it is going to help a lot.

Roeshel said...

Gorgeous! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Wow...paint and flooring, and you get a completely new room on an amazing budget! So impressive!

The New Mrs said...

Awesome job!

henzy said...

a little paint, new floors,,makes the world of a difference

Jenny said...

Looks awesome! I love the cabinets too. You have been busy!

Oonafey said...

The floor looks wonderful! So much better than before. Those cabinets from Ikea are awesome! Love them!

Anonymous said...

If you do buy the Ikea cabinets,
make sure you Craigslist your old
ones. There are TONS of people looking for vintage kitchen cabinets.

Megs said...

A, thanks for the suggestion. We may do that but I really want to rehome them to the workshop where storage is desperately needed. But now I feel like I'm giving them a slow painful death instead a new life to someone who would really appreciate them. lol

Kelly H said...

I've got those cabinets you like from Ikea. We remodeled our 57 year old kitchen 2 years ago and installed those Adel white cabinets. Turned out great... and was an easy do it yourself project to order, put together, and install. I recommend them!

April said...

The floors look great and what am awesome price!