Monday, May 4, 2009

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

I've been cooped up in the house for the last eight days thanks to an injured foot and acute bronchitis. Unfortunately, waiting for prescriptions to be filled at WalMart leaves me in a very precarious position. This means I have to wander the store for 30-45 minutes. I don't even want to guess what will happen when I transfer my prescriptions to Target. lol

As I was waiting, some little drawer containers were calling my name. At $2.27-$2.37 each, how could I resist? My existing containers weren't working out so great. See here? Where the chopsticks kept poking out? The drawer is already fairly organized but it still bugged me. The containers slid around too.

Keeping in mind three important organizing ideas, I got to work:

1. Purge, purge, purge. Get rid of those items you don't use.
2. Keep like-with-like.
3. Everything has a place. (I think I've said that before but it's so important that it needs repeating.)

Now, these little babies hook onto each other and prevent the slide-around. Looks a little better, don'tcha think?

It even worked for my food storage containers. The Ziplock bags to store the lids was such a great idea... until Matt told me that he doesn't like using it because there's still water on the lids when he takes them out of the dishwasher. (I couldn't argue that he should just dry it off since he does ALL the dishes! lol)

And with the three extra organizers that I bought "just in case":


Anonymous said...

I love to be organized as well but it's so hard sometimes to make it actually work in a practical life, ya know.

I like your design ideas in the other post.

Oonafey said...

Great idea! I think I will need to do something like this in my new kitchen.