Monday, December 22, 2008

My Christmas Eve House Project

Part of the reason I haven't made an entry in so long is because my camera is broke. (An unfortunate circumstance of clumsy hands and a little too much beer.) What's a post without before and after pictures? Well, I promise, one is coming soon! I seem to think I've said that before, but I really promise this time!

There is a definite "before and after" project in the works. And who schedules it for the morning of Christmas Eve? Yes, yours truly! You can call me crazy but it IS part of Matt's Christmas present so it's totally worth it.

Matt has been dreaming about a Man Room since the day we started house shopping. About 18 months ago, an outside water spicket leaked and ruined the carpet in "his" room. (And ruined the brand new laminate in the hallway.) I bought new carpet and padding and got a few estimates for the installation. Per the recommendations, we were told to get the hallway floors fixed first because of the transition piece to the carpet. We replaced the hallway laminate a few months later... only to have the ice maker leak and ruin the kitchen floors. Then weeks later, the water heater leaked and ruined the entryway and living room floors.

So... due to other priorities, we never got around to replacing the carpet. It's been sitting, rolled up, in the second bedroom. All of a sudden it hit me last week while racking my brain for gift ideas for Matt. I already had scheduled off on the 23rd and 24th. I made a few quick phone calls and arranged to have the carpet installed on the morning of the 24th. Just two hours after Matt leaves for work!

I'm most excited about getting to repaint the room! (He already guessed that surprise. Boo!) The room was originally a pale yellow when we moved it. It wasn't "manly" enough so Matt chose a dark green. Definitely NOT my favorite. He finally agreed to let me paint it a dark gray. (The color that used to be in our master bedroom that I was in love with.) Yes, technically, I am painting to benefit both of us. But shhhh, he doesn't need to know my motivation!

When the carpet gets installed, I'll update with some pics and Matt's reaction. In the meantime, here are some "before" pics.

Um, not my wreath. It was the seller's:

The existing green paint and old carpet:

Stay tuned for the "Afters"!


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